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Do you have a friend that plays poker without rakeback? If so now is the time to refer him to Poker-Business and GET A PIECE OF HIS RAKEBACK FOR LIFE!


Poker-Business will pay you up to 5% of your friends Rake for LIFETIME! On top of that you will also receive a $20 BONUS award for every friend you refer to us. It doesn't get better than this, start referring your friends now!


Refer Friends by:


Or invite them through social media:


how it works

  1. Invite your friends to open Poker-Business account through your referral link.
  2. Your friend starts playing through one of our poker rooms.
  3. Follow your friends statistics daily and see how much you are earning.
  4. Cash out your referral earnings.
referral reports
Tiers for Everyone
If Reffered Player MGR is Over You Will Receive
$0 2%
$15000 3%
$50000 4%
Multi-Level refferal brakedown for Everyone
Level 1 Variable According to Above
Level 2 0.5 % 2%
Level 3 0.2 % 3%
$20 Bonus Award terms
If Referred Player Earns at Least (in 1st month) You Will Also Receive
$10 in Rake $20

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